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How to leave a lasting impression at an interview?

We’ve all been at job interviews where we know we have the skills and experience to land the job, so how do you make a lasting impression during a job interview? How do you stand out from the other candidates? We’ve put together some of our top tips below to help you leave a lasting impression on the interviewer and get that all-important job offer.

Be prepared for different kinds of interviews 

If you haven’t had many interviews in your life, you should know that there are many different styles of interviews and that you should be prepared for all of them. Some interviewers will be very formal; others will be more casual. Some will ask only straightforward questions; others will ask more difficult ones. Either way, it’s important that you don’t let yourself get flustered by the style of interview or the kinds of questions being asked—you need to show off your confidence and composure at all times.

Know your CV well

If you’re going on a job interview, you’ve most likely already submitted a CV (curriculum vitae). This document is essentially a resume that more thoroughly explains your experience and accomplishments. Your interviewer will have it handy and will likely refer to it throughout the interview. Because of this, knowing your CV inside and out can help you leave a lasting impression.

In order to make sure you know every detail about what you’ve included in your CV, practice answering questions related to each point in the document. For instance, if one of the points on your CV is “Awarded Employee of the Year at [company name] in 2016,” be prepared to explain how you earned that award.

Know your weaknesses

One of the best ways to leave a lasting impression at an interview is to use your weaknesses as strengths.

For example, if you’re not a natural leader, don’t say “I’m not a natural leader” during the interview. Instead, talk about how you can be a valuable member of a team and an asset to any organization because you don’t step on other people’s toes (at least not intentionally). This can give you an edge over other candidates who are more of a threat to the interviewer’s ego.

Consider what your strengths and weaknesses are, and frame them in terms of your value to employers.

Be relaxed and show your personality

First, remember that the company and its employees are people just like you—they’re not out to get you. They want to hire someone who will be great for their team and their company’s mission. And if they don’t hire you? Well, that just means that there’s another company out there who needs someone exactly like you.

So try doing some basic relaxation exercises before your interview. Take some deep breaths and visualize yourself being calm and confident in the interview room. Picture yourself talking about what makes you awesome with a bright smile on your face. Pay special attention to visualizing yourself smiling and laughing—those expressions have been shown to have a surprising effect on our moods! And when it comes time for the interview… just enjoy it! Be friendly and open-minded, smile often, and show off how much of an asset you would be to their company.