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Using LinkedIn to Find a Job – Is It a Good Idea?

Employment is necessary if we want to survive. While you don’t have to work for another person, you still need to work or otherwise find means of obtaining income. That being said, most people start by working for other people, in companies and businesses, finding ways to increase their income and progress on the corporate ladder.

There are many ways one could find a job but today, the common place to start is the internet. The internet makes it easy for everyone to find a job, provided that they are determined and that they work hard.

LinkedIn is a decent place to start looking for a job, being a social network dedicated to work. Here is how it can be a great idea to start looking for jobs.

LinkedIn – A Business Social Network

Social networks nowadays are popular and everyone has an account on almost every social network. While this is common, not all social networks are actually being used for socialization. Most people use them to view memes and interesting content, or get news. Social networks are great at spreading news all over the world.

LinkedIn is a social network, but one that is dedicated to business and work. As such, the focus is clear from the get go, setting up your profile as an online CV and showing everyone what kind of work you have done and what you can offer. It is relatively simple to set up and it is surprisingly effective.

Does it Work?

Well, yes, but don’t expect miracles. You have to have something to offer if you want to work. Whether a lower salary or knowledge that is beyond that position typically, something has to be offered that the employer will consider accepting.

In order to make sure that you are even considered, make sure to have a profile picture of your face, preferably smiling. Everyone enjoys a photo where the other person is smiling. As far as the profile is concerned, state what you know and your work experience. That is a good start.

Sending Proposals and CVs

LinkedIn is a great place to find jobs because companies and employers can post ads or rather, posts that they are looking for someone to hire. Sending a CV is pretty straightforward, though your cover letter should not be something generic. Say what you need to say, but try not to sound boastful or timid.

Attach relevant information and make sure not to put generic stuff in your cover letter. That will 100% be discarded. 

All in all, LinkedIn is a great place to start looking for work. Set your profile up, start sending proposals and you will get work in no time at all.