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What Are You Doing Wrong in Your Job Searches? – 6 Reasons Why You’re Not Hearing Back from Employers

Finding a job can be difficult, especially if you want that job to be the best one for you. It takes persistence, more than anything, not to mention the willingness to leave a job and search for another, which will have better working conditions and offer you a better experience. 

Some people fail right at the start, when searching for a job. Why is it that some people never hear from their possible employers, even after sending their resume and a nice email? Here is what you should know about improving your chances at scoring a job interview and finally, a job.

Your Resume is Far Too General

People like to see a personalized resume when they read about a job. If your resume is targeted at every single employer out there, it will be general and that is easy to spot. You don’t want that. Read the job post and see what you can do about making your resume a better fit for that job specifically.

Your Resume is Too Complicated and Long

Not everyone has the time or desire to read a novel about your success, especially if the resume has a lot of words that boil down to ‘I worked for a year, please hire me’. A resume should be concise and definitely short, but full of necessary information. Statistics show that the top part of the resume is where employers spend the most time. Make sure that your top part is well organized and that it provides the necessary information. 

You do Not Meet the Requirements

It is a joke, but some employers post a job offer asking for 25 years of experience while also being younger than 30, or something ridiculously close to this impossible feat.

Working as a volunteer or finding someone to mentor you is a great way of getting to know the job better.

You are Not a Great Fit

You might have the work experience, but some employers might not feel that you fit their goals best, nor their teams. This is not to be taken personally. You might want to ask for feedback, if they are willing to provide you with any. Again, this shouldn’t be taken personally. The information, if provided, should be analyzed and considered. It may actually be useful for your next potential interview.

LinkedIn – A Great, Often Neglected Tool

Sites like LinkedIn are social network sites for businesses and business-oriented people. Your profile on LinkedIn can help you find more work and more opportunities. It is the first site some may use to look you up. Having an organized profile, personalized for a specific industry you might want to work in, will help your chances of scoring an interview and job.

Social Media Presence – Curse or Blessing

Believe it or not, we are all online to a certain extent. Your employers may take the time and look you up on social media. If they find you and your profile is a mess, showing only drunk photos from your recent parties, they will most likely reconsider emailing you back. Social media can help you land a job, by not scaring employers away.

These are reasons to consider as to why you might not be hearing back from employers.