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How To Top the Personality Assessment Interview? 5 Tips for Beginners

The time when we needed just a good resume to get a job is way behind us. Now, we have to prepare for something that would benefit both us and the company we are applying for – personality assessment test.

Many people simply hate these, but it’s a necessary evil. We cannot escape from who we are and these tests would tell the employer whether we are suitable for the job or not. We promised that this would be a “How to” article, but it’s not. We cannot cheat tests, as there are no wrong answers – just like we cannot cheat with Bet9ja Promotion Code.

You could lie on these, but that would eventually lead to your dissatisfaction with the job, as you might not be the person who you presented yourself to be on the personality assessment test.

Instead, let’s take a look at the most popular test variants and how they are used to assess interviewees’ personalities and skills.

The Caliper Profile

This test will measure some of the key personality traits that are required for a job. It marks skills such as assertiveness and thoroughness, as well as your ability to lead and manage time. Every question here usually consists of the “most” circle and the “least” circle. You are given a bunch of statements that you have to input into these circles.

Gallup StrengthsFinder

Gallup suggested that many personality tests searched for someone’s weaknesses. He designed a unique test that has 177 statements which focus mostly on positive traits. Therefore, you could rank well in positivity, achievement, and so on. Every screen contains two statements, and you need to pick one that better describes you. However, you can also say whether the statement strongly describes you or you are neutral towards it.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

This is the most commonly used test, and it is based on dichotomies such as thinking/feeling, introvert/extrovert, etc. If you are at least a bit interested in personality types, the chances are you already know about this test. Does INTJ mean anything to you? The test consists of a series of questions with several given answers. You need to circle the one that best describes you.

Sixteen Personality Factor

Sixteen Personality factor questionnaire is based on the theory of sixteen personalities, and there is a total of 170 questions to which you should only reply with “true” or “false”. You can also choose a symbol “?” if you are not sure what to answer. You are not going to be given this test only during the first interview. In fact, employees sometimes do these tests several times throughout their careers and within the company.

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory

This is a very professional test that no ordinary HR person can conduct. It must be performed by a clinical expert and must be interpreted by an experienced psychologist. These tests are usually intended for some specific jobs, such as police officers, soldiers, etc. They test not only personality but also the overall psychological well-being.


Now that you have an insight into these tests, you might as well try to find online instances of them if you are really curious. However, the best thing to do is just answer every test honestly and let the company decide whether you are a good choice for a specific position or not.