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What Is It Like Being A Pro Gamer?

With the eSports industry growing and video gaming becoming more popular, the possibilities for making a living by becoming a pro gamer increase. In addition, many people are claiming to be professional e-betters who use different promo codes such as the Coral promo code to bet on the game of their lifetime and, ultimately, win. For many that is not a choice, however, working as a pro gamer seems like a dream job. What a lot of people seem to fail to realize that the career in gaming is not as easy as it looks and that it comes with many hardships. How is it like, though?

The Path to Becoming a Pro Gamer

Almost everyone can become a pro gamer. It surely requires a lot of skill, but primarily all it takes is to invest a lot of time, a lot of effort and dedication into it. However, the road to becoming a pro gamer can be somewhat scary. Many pro gamers of today had to drop out from either high school or college and opt-in to dedicate their full time practicing, with no guarantees that it will pay off in the long run. In today’s age where the education is highly valued, the decision on focusing on video games full time is a risky one.

How Exactly Do Pro Gamers Earn Money?

As is the case with any other athlete, eSport all-stars earn money in a similar fashion. The primary source of income comes from being a part of the team, participating in tournaments and winning prize money. Another source of income would be sponsorships and side deals that pro gamers make. One of the more popular ways of earning money while gaming is streaming your gameplay on popular platforms like Twitch or producing content for YouTube. Combining all of that, a pro gamer can earn a hefty sum.

Why Is Not Everyone Gaming for a Living?

We said that everyone could become a pro gamer, but even among pro gamers there is a disparity in income. On top of that, there are other risks included. To be highly paid, you need to be the best of the best, crème de la crème. The game you opt-in to play can be a risk as well. Popular games bring in more sponsors, and more sponsors mean bigger tournament prize pool. However, all of that can quickly change, and you’ll be left with a lot of time invested in a game that is not high in demand anymore and making a transition to a different game is not always easy.


For those willing to push themselves to the limit, becoming a pro gamer is worth it. Even though it has its risks, being a pro gamer most certainly has its perks as well. I mean, you do get to play video games for a living.