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5 Bizarre, yet Real Jobs

With traditional education, we are used to seeing doctors, lawyers, teachers, and retail workers every day. The modern era has produced consultants, data analysts, managers, and other titles that are connected to a myriad of industries. However, all of this is still conventional. There are jobs in the world that might seem unbelievable at first, but they are very much real. Here are several unorthodox jobs you might encounter.

Panda Nanny

Imagine a babysitter or a nanny. They do more than just take care of your children in terms of their schedule and schoolwork. They are also there to play with them, to help them grow, share their stories, and laugh and cry with them.

Now substitute that child with a panda. You need to take care of pandas all day, every day. The job usually comes with food and a place to stay in addition to your salary, which is around $30.000. This profession came about as a result of the effort to protect pandas.

Taste Tester

This isn’t just one job. It is a myriad of special areas, each in their place to make sure the consumers get food and drinks of the highest quality. You could work as a chocolate taster, an ice-cream taster, and even a gummy taster.

While this may seem like a dream come true, the positions require people capable of detecting the smallest nuances in flavor. That means that employees must protect their palate in everyday life, in order to make sure their mouths are in top shape for the job.

Partner for Rent

This profession appears mainly in Japan, but other countries have taken a liking to it as well. You can hire someone to pose as your boyfriend or girlfriend for the day. You will do many things couples do, like going to the movies or the amusement park together, watching a movie, and taking a romantic walk. It is also a useful tool for keeping your family’s awkward questions at bay.

This service is used mostly by people who lack intimacy in their lives, as well as those who want to have some arm-candy at important events. However, it is important to point out that this is not the same as prostitution.


Professional sleepers have a wonderful job, it would seem. Getting paid to rest sounds like a profession anyone would be lucky to have and, because of this, the competition is steep. You may wonder who would hire someone to sleep.

The thing is, professional sleepers are indispensable in sleep studies. The data on sleep quality, quantity, and deprivation comes from these studies. They also cover what it’s like to sleep during the day, while intoxicated, and with excessive noise and light. Apart from sleep studies, bed manufacturers often want to test their products before placing them on the market.



Are there too many people on the train? No problem, there is always room for a few more. Pushers are attendants who make sure all of the passengers are squeezed into the train. They are most common in Japan, China, and in New York. Pushers are there to make sure passengers don’t miss their train just because there doesn’t seem to be enough room. If you don’t like feeling like a sardine, we suggest finding another form of transportation.