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4 skills every teacher should have

All societies that strive towards progress and improved state among its members should never underestimate the importance of teachers. As educators, teachers stand as one of the building blocks in the lives of children, making sure they grow into decent men and women. The whole education system is based on expanding knowledge and enriching the lives of people. No other function is more important than that of teachers.

The mission that teachers undertake is not only structured around giving their students knowledge related to their subject matter but also raising them to become good and honourable people. This great responsibility can sometimes prove to be a burden too heavy to bear, so they need all the help they can get. What helps them overcome different impediments on this noble quest is the set of skills each teacher should possess.

The love for the job

It is undoubtedly true that the love for the work you do is the precondition for being successful at it, and teaching is no different. The desire for spending time with children and being energetic to meet the needs of your teaching post is what will separate you from the rest. When you combine the passion you have for your subject matter with the love you hold for children, what you will get is the framework for not just great, but a perfect teacher.

Communication with students and parents

Communication belongs to a list of essential skills every teacher should have. Communicating with your students and the ability to establish rapport is what will help you get your message across and ultimately teach your students in the subject matter. All teachers should consider the fact that students are individuals in their own right and should therefore approach them as such. If we add the fact that parents are active participants in their children’s education, the same principles apply to them as well. Turning parents into your allies is paramount if the child is to make continuous progress.   

The knowledge of the subject matter

We must not overlook the fact that every teacher should possess sound knowledge of their subject matter. Students are prone to asking questions as a way of learning more and testing their teachers. By being confident in his or her knowledge, the teacher can then command the respect of the students and avoid uncomfortable situations that might arise with the lack thereof.

Maintaining discipline and upholding the standards of schooling

Discipline is one of the critical factors for establishing the best possible learning environment. While it is essential that your students are disciplined, they should not feel intimidated by you either. There is a thin line between the two, and the ones that deftly dance along that line are the best teachers. Furthermore, upholding the standards of education that govern the school is crucial. The students must always know why something is taught and the way in which it is done should be transparent and straightforward.


Teaching is an admirable job, and to ensure the progress of our children, teachers should keep improving themselves in every way they can.