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Finding a Job in the Sports Betting Industry — What to Expect?

If you are a passionate sports fan, knowing everything from the most popular sports teams to ways how to find a promo code from Betfair, just imagine — wouldn’t it be cool to be in the center of the action, contributing with your talents to the global industry and getting paid for it? From a job perspective, there are plenty of ways to get involved in the sports betting industry. To help you understand what it would be like working in one of the greatest money-making industries, we outlined a couple of facts you should take into consideration.

What Is It Actually Like?

Many of you probably think how great it would be to watch sports all day and get paid for it. The truth of the matter is that sportsbook workers stare at the big screens throughout the whole day, dealing with all kinds of people, some of whom may not be so polite.

The other thing you need to realize is how long the working hours can be, depending on the position you are working at. Well, they can be really long, and you may find yourself in an office where the phone is ringing 24 hours a day.

If you want to be successful as a bookmaker, you need to take emotions out of the equation. Sometimes, you might need to abandon your love for the team, which can be one of the side effects of working in the sports betting industry.

However, it’s not that bad at all. When you get to know the professional bettors, you might pick up a few tips and make some money yourself. Also, working in the sports betting industry can help you learn a lot about sports you haven’t known anything about. Now that you learned a few things about sportsbook employment, let’s see what type of jobs are available in the sports betting market.

Software Developers

Working as a software developer in the sports betting industry is not different than working in other tech companies. Sports betting companies operate through sophisticated software, and there are tons of people working to maintain the servers, minimize delays or fix the bugs. If you plan on working as a developer for a sportsbook, you’ll always be facing competition and, if a problem occurs, you need to act immediately because customers always want transparency.

Security Specialist

Working as a security specialist means that you’ll have to monitor gambling activities and sites, as well as keep a close eye for potential security breaches. The job of security specialists also includes installation and maintenance of security systems, together with having the basic knowledge about the network.

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service employee must answer telephone calls, live chat messages, and emails. They also handle financial transactions or perform other menial jobs that sometimes require more than a phone line and decent people skills.

Content Writer

Content writers write for blogs, review sites, and websites. Bettors depend on content writers to provide information about the legality of the games, guides for registration, or other technicalities of the website. Gambling is one of the most lucrative markets for freelancers to break into.