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4 Secrets Gaming Providers Won’t Tell You

All reputable and licensed casinos must obey strict regulations and provide a safe and fair gambling environment for their players, just like Casumo Casino does. However, there are still some subtle moves they make in order to motivate you to play for longer than you initially planned or place higher bets than you wanted to. Psychology plays an important part when it comes to being motivated to bet your money on casino games, which is something gaming providers are well aware of.

Let’s take a closer look at the techniques gaming providers use to achieve these effects and the secrets none of them wants you to know.

Sound Effects Are More Important Than You Think

When we play online casino games, we do not think too much about the sound effects. We either like them or think they’re annoying. However, their role is much more important than that.

Well-designed sound effects will make you think that you’re winning even when you’re not, or that you’re winning more than you actually are. That jolly jingle you hear every time you spin the reels is a kind of a reward in itself.

The Purpose of Bonus Rounds and Mini Games

Much like the sound effects, the bonus rounds are there to make you keep playing for longer than you planned. There are countless types of these games and most often they are integrated into the main story of the game.

The idea behind them is to make the player keep playing for the sole purpose of triggering one of these games. They’ll hold your attention and give you a sense of hope that you’ll regain your money when you start losing.

Near Misses Are Not Always Random

You know that bittersweet feeling when you end up being just one field away from a big win? It happens in slot games when you land two jackpot symbols, as well as in roulette games when the ball lands on the number next to the one you bet on.

These near misses are not always random. The algorithm that controls them is designed to make you believe that the big win you’re waiting for is due soon. Such an outcome activates the same areas in the brain that are triggered when you’re winning, so it’s hard to stop playing.

Frequent Wins with Small Payouts

This is a common occurrence in many online casino games. A lot of casino games are set up to have a frequent payout interval and a high win probability. However, more often than not, these payouts are quite small. Nonetheless, many players will continue spinning the reels because of the instant gratification they get and the sense that a big win must be right around the corner.