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5 Quirky Products

From time to time, we come across products that fill the niche in the market against all odds. Strange bobble-heads, back-scratchers, unconventional coffee mugs, and 3D chess are just some of the novelties the stores sell. Today, however, we are going to discuss five strange products that are both fun and useful.

Creative Alarm Clocks

What do you do when you need help getting out of bed? An alarm clock. The problem arises when your unconscious self finds a way to turn of the alarm without waking up, even when the clock or phone you are using is on the other side of the room.

There are several different alarm clocks made by different manufacturers that fix this issue. Imagine an alarm clock that runs around the room. The incessant beeping doesn’t stop until you get out of bed and chase it down. Other variants include a puzzle that needs to be solved, a propeller that takes off and needs to be reattached to the clock, and a clock that is connected to your bank account, making donations to charity every time you press the ‘snooze’ button.

Sword Umbrella

Do you want to look tough while in the rain? We recommend checking out sword umbrellas. They come in the form of a medieval European sword and a katana, so you can choose your ‘weapon’. With the umbrella, you receive a sword sheath that makes carrying the umbrella easy. The only problem comes in the form of funny looks and a few questions by the authorities.

If swords are not your thing, you can get all sorts of umbrellas, like the umbrella for two or an umbrella that looks like a helmet. Depending on the novelty store you visit, they cost about $20.

Brain Knitted Hat

This hat is perfect during the cold winter months, especially when you want to show the world how quirky you are. It also functions as a great accessory for that creepy Halloween costume. Show off your brain and keep your head warm at the same time! You can find it on Amazon for a little over $30.

Knight Hoodie

Speaking of keeping warm and looking cool doing it, here is the Knight Hoodie. The hoodie looks exactly like a suit of armor, complete with shoulder pads and a helmet. Come rain or snow, you will be warm and dry. There’s even an additional piece of cloth attached to your hood, making it look like a visor. The product is cool but pricey – one Knight Hoodie costs about $90.

Fred MR. TEA Silicone Tea Infuser

Having tea has just become a weird, but fun, activity. Mr. Tea is a chubby, bald figurine that enjoys relaxing in a hot tub. Because there aren’t many hot tubs in the area, he decided to settle for your teacup. Simply disassemble the figurine, put the tea leaves inside it, pour some hot water into your cup or mug, and place Mr. Tea into the cup. You can be as relaxed as Mr. Tea is for less than $10.