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6 Strange Job Interview Stories

Sometimes, we get a little bit nervous during job interviews. There are times when we mispronounce things, laugh too loudly, or simply look like a robot while answering questions. All of these things are common. Luck is definitely one of the things that can help an interview go smoothly, just like it is always good to have when using betting promo codes. Here is a compilation of job interview stories that are not. These stories happened at different places and at different times, but we feel it’s best to keep them as anonymous as possible.

Auto-Correct with a Potty Mouth

While this didn’t kill the applicant’s chances of getting the job, it certainly didn’t help. A woman wanted to express her gratitude for the job interview, and she sent a message to the executive stating that she could hardly contain her excitement about the potential job. Auto-correct changed it to excrement.

Getting Too Relaxed

An interviewee was nailing the interview. He had the experience, the knowledge, and the education necessary to thrive in the company he applied for. There was just one problem. Due to some personal discomfort, he decided it would be a good idea to take off his shoes and socks. When confronted, he was surprised that his behavior during the interview considered less than stellar.


It is important to be relaxed during an interview. You shouldn’t fidget too much, but it is okay to shift your position once in a while. What happened was that the person applying for a position had their legs crossed for the whole duration of the interview. Even though the interview itself went well, the applicant remained in that position for almost an hour. When the would-be worker tried to stand up, she crashed her head into a filing cabinet. She wasn’t hired.

Um, No

A woman that had been a temp in the company a while ago decided to try out working full time when a position opened up. The interviewer was short and the applicant must have been nervous since she called him ‘shorty’.

Dodged a Bullet

There are times when things get messed up way before the actual interview. A company installed a buzzer and an employee was checking the ID of anyone who wanted to enter. One person didn’t get the memo, as he refused to state his name and purpose and demanded to be let in. Having been denied, he launched into expletives, still refusing to state why he was there in the first place. It turned out he had a job interview. Not only was he not hired, but his application info was saved by the company and he was blacklisted.

Apparently, You Don’t Need to Be There At All

A man went in for a job interview abroad. The process was going smoothly until he asked what the company’s position was regarding potential financial compensation. This was because the interviewee had a wife and child and he was worried that his wife would not be able to find a job for a while. After a few questions about her experience, the company hired his wife as well.