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Being a Marketing Manager

Are you spontaneous, quick-thinking, and always on the move? Do you follow the latest trends on the market with the ability to come up with better alternatives to what was said and done about a product or project? If so, you might be a marketing manager. However, before you put that on your resume and look for a job in this field, we need to go over what this occupation really entails.


Marketing managers have several responsibilities. They are in charge of analyzing market data, creating a marketing plan that is best suited for the situation at hand, coordinating with the members of the marketing team, and executing that plan perfectly.

It is not an easy job, as you have to consider the budget available, as well as potential reactions to your message. This is why many products and messages receive a test run. Before a promotional message or slogan can appear on the market, it is first released in a controlled environment, so that the feedback of clients, customers and constituents can be analyzed. After this analysis, proper adjustments are made to the marketing campaign.

Marketing managers don’t work for just one industry. Food, retail, politics, betting with a sports betting bonus, public relations, and other fields employ them to maintain a good relationship with the public. Think of a marketing manager as a diplomat who speaks for a company or organization.


Education-wise, there are a few degrees that can make you qualified for this position. If you have a degree in Marketing, Public Relations, or Business Management, you already have a running start. However, there is more to getting a job as a marketing manager than the formal education.

You will also need to have certain skills. Depending on your future responsibilities, you need to possess strong time-management skills, be excellent at communicating and negotiating, be creative (especially with the budget), and understand the mechanics of social media and search engine optimization. You will also need to think on your feet, as a mishap done by your client or employer might require swift and effective damage control.


If you feel like the office space is constricting and constraining, this occupation may not be for you. Many marketing managers work in offices, spending hours on end on the computer and the phone. That being said, truly great marketing managers are always on the move, watching the latest trends, talking to people on the street, traveling to other cities and countries to meet with prospective clients. If you are valued by your company, you will not be stuck in a single location for too long.

Is It Profitable?

Your work experience and influence is a great factor in determining your salary. Depending on your position in the company, as well as how long you’ve worked for them and in general, you could earn as little as $50.000 and as much as six figures a year in the US. The market is competitive and there is always more room for growth.